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Truck Repair & Maintenance

Commercial truck service and repair involves constant upkeep and supervision. With the volume of jobs these vehicles run, it is imperative that you keep your trucks in top shape. Cornerstone provides dealer-level repairs on pollution control systems and our certified truck and trailer mechanics can handle diagnostic testing and troubleshooting. With routine maintenance, we have the expertise to keep all your commercial vehicles in working condition.

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Maintenance Built For Your Fleet

With a day-to-day work schedule, you need day-to-day maintenance on your trucks. Cornerstone Mobile Service can assist with monthly truck inspections, ongoing scheduled oil changes, greasing U-joints, brake inspections and maintenance, and more. Keep your entire fleet operational with a comprehensive routine maintenance package from Cornerstone Mobile Service.

Monthly 40-Point Inspection

Our commercial truck service package comes with a full 40-point section. This inspection includes a variety of items including frame, brakes inspection, fuel system, leaks, belts, pulleys, fluid levels, filters, abs, tires, lights, and electronics. Our certified mechanics use this 40-point inspection to ensure your trucks are getting the full-service treatment.

Fleet DOT Maintenance

Cornerstone also offers yearly inspections up to the Department of Transportation standards. If your fleet requires DOT inspections, Cornerstone is here to help.

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Emergency Mobile Truck Service

We are proud to offer roadside truck maintenance and emergency assistance in the twin cities & surrounding areas. No matter where you are or what the issue is, we strive to get you back on the road quickly and efficiently.

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