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Are you in need of a repair service that offers quality repair, renewal, and even replacement of different types of trailers? Do you need a fast response to a trailer malfunction when an emergency arises? If yes, then emergency trailer repair services are perfect for satisfying all your repair needs.

Emergency trailer repair services offer a wide variety of complete replacements, servicing, and repair of different heavy or lightweight trailers developed by various manufacturers.

Our highly skilled technicians, coupled with their state-of-the-art equipment, provide the perfect services to any truck owner. Here are some of our repair and replacement services.

Fifth wheel replacement

The fifth wheel serves as a linking tool between a bigger trailer and a smaller or semi-trailer, containers, or other smaller transportation machines.

It is often regarded as the horseshoe-shaped coupling device, but it is a combination of different parts together in reality. A standard fifth wheel coupling consists of a small pin, usually 2 to 3 inches in length, and is often dangling at the bottom-front of the smaller trailer; it also comprises a kingpin, and the aforementioned horseshoe called the fifth wheel.

For trailers designed to tow and transport heavy containers. A fifth wheel is needed to connect these parts, and if it becomes damaged, there is no mechanism to provide stability during towing.

Emergency trailer repair services are well equipped to complete the replacement of the damaged parts and provide repairs for fifth-wheel malfunctions like damages caused by previous actions of an inexperienced mechanic, worn-out kingpins, and loosened jaw pressure.


What is a safe trailer without a functioning brake? Brakes are the most vital parts of a trailer as they regulate and stop movement when necessary. A failed or damaged braking system in a trailer spells doom for the driver and the vehicle itself.

Emergency repair services offer repairs and adjustments on different categories of brakes ranging from electric brakes, hydraulic brakes, surge brakes.

We are capable of repairing any brake malfunction caused by poor electrical connections and insufficient wiring, blown fuses and open circuits, and damaged controllers.


The after-effects of shock and gravity heavy-duty trailers and loads produce during transport require the use of shock absorbers to receive this shock and distribute it out properly. A good shock absorber prevents bottoming out when you collide with obstacles. If your vehicle does not provide a cushioning effect, then you need to visit us as it may be caused by worn-out seals, unbalanced rear loads, or pressure in its internal components.


Airbags in the axle of the tires carry the mounting pressure of the loads and are known to provide smooth and shock-free rides.

They also help in adjusting the air pressure in the trailer making sure it is positioned throughout the entire journey.

For truck owners who require airbag replacement, our technicians are equipped to provide your trailers with a new set.

Electrical and lighting

Does your trailer need electrical wirings, do you want reflectors correctly installed for proper lighting. We offer electrical wirings like LED number plates and side market lamps, stop lights, hazard lights, and more.


Do you need new mud flaps installed or replaced on your trailers to protect them from mud entrapment, rocks, and pebbles, chemicals, and protect your trailers?

We offer installation services on sheet metal and rubber flaps that are not only stylish but also last long.

Structural repair

Do you have a functioning trailer with a design that needs to be refurbished, then you need us. We offer various structural repairs in trailers like modifications and re-modifications, shortening the height of vans, replacing damaged parts, painting, and more. No job is too small, no van is too damaged to be furnished.

Wheel seals

Are your trailer's ball bearings prone to damage due to being trapped first, then do you need your wheel seals replaced?

Fret not because we offer complete replacement and servicing that involves cleaning, repositioning, and greasing the existing wheel seals.

Reefer troubleshooting

Reefer or refrigerator trailers are some of the highly sought trailers due to their use in transporting temperature-sensitive goods. Like any trailer, reefers also experience malfunctions from time to time and these malfunctions must be diagnosed and attended to quickly as any spoilage in the cooking unit renders the reefer useless. If you reefers show signs of:

  • Fluid and air leaks
  • Worn-out belts and hoses
  • Damaged temperature sensors

With broken seals and any other unmentioned problems, our servicemen are equipped to rectify them with an immediate effect.

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