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On-Location Truck Service for Minneapolis St. Paul Metro & the Surrounding Areas

Need a mechanic to come to you? Have to have fleet repairs, fast? Our technicians come to you at any time of day. We have a fleet of 5 mobile truck repair service vehicles all backed by an experienced roadside mechanic which means we can answer your call and get you back on the road.

For dependable roadside assistance in Eagan, MN, St. Paul, MN, and Minneapolis, MN, you can trust Cornerstone Mobile Service.

Truck repairs

Emergency Roadside Service

Jumping in your vehicle first thing in the morning only to see it's not turning? Have a late-night emergency repair? Having trouble getting back on the road? Our road service team is here to answer your emergency calls. Our diesel mechanics repair trucks 365 days a year, holidays included. We are licensed and insured, and we work to exceed customer expectations with every job.

Your happiness is our top priority, and we take our repairs seriously.

Our mobile repair service experts understand that the world of  logistics and transportation plays a crucial and critical role in our lives. The fact is that people from different companies, recipients, and other parties that are involved in the process are depending on your commercial trucks to get the delivery job done.

But the truth is that accidents, issues, and problems are a part of regular life. These minor incidents can cause delays at any time of the day.  Not just when you are prepared for them. They come and go at random times.

That is why we ensure the best mobile maintenance and repair truck services at all times wherever you might be in our service areas. We know that our mobile semi truck repair services must meet the needs of our many logistics and transportation partners and seek to always be there for you no matter what.

From truck repair services to inspections and even battery replacement, our truck repair shop &  repair service will make sure to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

On Site Trailer Service

Our team is the #1 choice for on-location trailer service for commercial trucks.

When your trailer needs repairs you don't have any time to waste. Let us know and we will be there. Whether you need a brake repair, or parts fixed, we have the knowledge and tools to do it right.

Our on-site trailer services offer a wide range of repairs for trailer, reefer, and commercial trucks. As the name suggests, these services are delivered wherever your commercial vehicle is located. This means that instead of driving or towing your truck to a garage for repair or maintenance, our experts will conveniently come to you.

So,  if your semi runs breaks down abruptly, or displays critical performance issues during the drive, calling for  roadside assistance can quickly address and resolve the problem.

Our on site trailer services go beyond emergency roadside assistance. They also work equally well for standard repairs & maintenance checks. Since you don’t have to worry about getting your truck to a specific address, these on-site services bring more convenience to the table. By getting your regular maintenance through on-site solutions, you save plenty of time while also tending to your vehicle’s needs.

Simultaneously, our professionals who deliver these solutions hold extensive experience in commercial vehicle repair and maintenance. As a result, you never have to compromise quality for convenience. This makes sure that your vehicle remains in optimal shape without disrupting your core activities.

Cornerstones trailer services are ideal for trucking & logistics operations with a fleet of commercial vehicles. By turning to these solutions, you can take care of your fleet's ongoing maintenance and inspection more efficiently. This ensures that you remain up to date on all service and maintenance requirements despite the size of your fleet.

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On Location DOT Inspections

Save time and money by working with Cornerstones professional mechanics to ensure your trucks stay up to date on their DOT inspections. We will analyze your commercial vehicle and help you to pass both Minnesota state and federal inspections.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that every commercial motor vehicle get inspected every 12 months. We have qualified professionals on staff with the respective training & certifications.

To make sure that your fleet meets this requirement to stay clear of any liability, you need to have all of your vehicles and trailers properly inspected yearly.

But if you have a large fleet of commercial vehicles, meeting these requirements can become trickier than usual. When you have to drive your vehicles back and forth to the third-party inspection site, it can significantly affect your workforce and efficiency.

That’s where our on location DOT inspection solutions come into the picture.

While these inspections still follow DOT requirements and adhere to all critical checks and measures, they don’t require you to transport your vehicle to specific premises. As a result, you can schedule these inspections at your address & at your convenience to ensure that all of your available trucks can get through their inspections without having to wait on additional resources such as drivers or scheduling.  This also cuts back on the time it takes to complete a truck inspection. In turn, your vehicles are always ready for the road and any challenges that are thrown their way.

Due to the benefits of saving critical time and costs, many commercial vehicle companies turn to specialized DOT inspection services that deliver their solutions on site. If you want to reap the benefits, contact Cornerstone Mobile Service today.

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