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Minnesota Dot Truck Inspections

We can provide annual inspections to ensure you are in compliance with Minnesota DOT and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines. We understand the importance of remaining compliant with these regulations so that you can keep your fleet moving. That is why our technicians take into account MnDot inspection and FMCSA inspection standards.

Certified Mechanics

Don't just let anyone perform a dot trailer inspection or commercial truck inspection, especially with the strict conditions that you are required to meet. We have certified technicians available to work on your vehicle that are committed to providing transparent, upfront results so that you can pinpoint what areas need addressing right away.

Mobile DOT Inspections

Part of what separates Cornerstone from our competitors is that we offer mobile inspection services. Our clients receive access to our range of DOT services. We understand the round-the-clock demand of this industry, which is why we make ourselves available to you whenever and wherever you need us.

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