Whether you want to lessen your workers' burden or need to cut the loading times for your cargo, a liftgate proves to be the perfect answer to these urgent requirements.

Whether you want to lessen your workers' burden or need to cut the loading times for your cargo, a liftgate proves to be the perfect answer to these urgent requirements.

By automating a significant portion of the loading and unloading process for your cargo, liftgates bring considerable ease to your everyday activities. In addition to providing an easier work environment to your staff, they also enhance your overall operation's efficiency.

But there are times when liftgates run into noticeable problems by themselves. If your operations depend on the ease of use that liftgates bring to the table, these issues can impede your operations until they are resolved completely.

You should notice, manage, and resolve these issues promptly; here's a lowdown on common liftgate problems and their corresponding solutions.

Liftgate Makes Squeaking Noises

Liftgates are supposed to operate smoothly, with the ability to carry their specified loads without any hindrance. This includes the overall speed of their movement as well as the optimal functionality of their corresponding structure.


In some situations, your liftgate may move without any issues. However, it may show erratic behavior in other areas that could indicate future functionality problems. One such aspect relates to squeaking noises that liftgates may make during their movement. 

These sounds can also be described as creaking noises, which may become more prominent during loading sessions. If you can hear these sounds clearly, you can try resolving them by yourself at first. 


More often than not, squeaking sounds in a liftgate occur due to a loss of lubrication. If you use a manufacturer-recommended lubricant in the liftgate, this issue can be resolved pretty easily. 

But in case the sounds don't go away with the use of a lubricant, you should reach out to a reliable mechanic. This makes sure that you can get rid of these sounds and any underlying problems on time.

Liftgate Vibrates During Loading Sessions

As long as you are using liftgates to carry the specified weight only, they should run without showing any signs of distress. But if they fail to acquire seamless functionality and run into annoying problems, you need to resolve the core issue before it becomes unmanageable.


There are times when your liftgate may start vibrating randomly. This movement can also be described as shaking or rattling. Similar to many other issues, this particular issue is most notable during load transfer.

With that being said, this problem can also present itself even when you are transferring lighter loads or simply transporting the liftgate around. In any case, the issue needs to be inspected to prevent your liftgate from breaking down completely. 


In many situations, the vibrating or rattling of liftgates happens due to loosened hinges. If you can check these components on either side of the liftgate and tighten them back in place, it could resolve the issue right then. 

However, if the issue does not get resolved, it's important to contact a mechanic for a thorough inspection. If there are any structural problems, these professionals can fix them before the issue gets out of hand. 

Professionals at CornerStone Mobile Service have the expertise, experience, and overall knowledge to fix these issues.

Liftgate Stops Functioning All of a Sudden

If one movement of liftgates stands out at first glance, it's their platform-raising feature. But there could be situations where the platform refuses to move at all. Regardless of the type of liftgate you have, this could cause noticeable operational issues for your business. 


In this scenario, the liftgate does not move from its stationary position. This essentially renders it unusable and prevents all the benefits you can gain from the use of a liftgate. 

Since this problem is noticeable right away, it doesn't need much assessment to be diagnosed properly. When the issue takes place, you simply yet immediately have to look for a proper solution for it. Otherwise, the liftgate itself may turn into a dead weight that is of no use to your business.


If you have an electric liftgate, the problem can stem from the power supply itself. Sometimes, checking for the power system and its optimal connectivity is what you need to resolve the issue. 

In case you have a hydraulic liftgate, you may need to check its associated structure for breakage. If you don't have the tools to mend the detected problem or can't find the core issue in the first place, it's essential to reach out to a mechanic. This also holds for electric liftgates that remain unresponsive despite connectivity. 

There Can Be Several Other Issues That Cause Liftgate Problems

There are several other issues that may cause liftgate problems regularly. One of the best practices to steer clear of these problems is to get regular inspections and maintenance for this critical equipment. This minimizes the chances of abrupt issues and allows you to run your operations smoothly.

See how you can continue running your liftgate without any issues, don't hesitate to contact us today. We will be pleased to understand your concerns and help you resolve your liftgate problems right away.

We are here to ensure that you are able to finalize any issues and move forward in a stress-free manner. We understand that each of these issues presents above can cause several problems and are there to provide support at all times.

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