Many trucking fleet repair companies operate around Minneapolis, but not all of them can care for your needs. You should hire a reputable company for your maintenance and repair services.

Many trucking fleet repair companies operate around Minneapolis, but not all of them can care for your needs. You should hire a reputable company for your maintenance and repair services. Whether requesting an emergency repair, overhaul, or preventive maintenance, selecting the right repair services goes beyond the usual factors of just the truck's size or location.

Commercial trucks can require more & more care each year & it is best to work with qualified technicians and mechanics that provide the best service.

Trucking companies often find it better to hire third parties to help them with repairs because they save time and money. Experienced drivers should want to work with experienced mechanics who can provide excellent services regardless of the case.

This guide will explore the various factors to consider when choosing fleet service providers.


In the trucking industry, moving your fleet always has an element of risk. Safety should be a top priority when choosing a truck repair company. The best mobile companies will meet customer demands and stay honest throughout the entire process.

Each customer relies on the best partner to ensure that they can conduct their operations over the long haul without potential problems.

Those who focus on safety will have procedures & protocols related to each service provided. They will be compliant, diligent, & meticulous in their fleet repair.


Conduct an assessment of the provider. 

  • Are they reliable? 
  • How are their customer reviews? 
  • Have they been around for a while?
  • Do they have the right tools and technologies? 
  • Do they have the necessary certifications to handle your repair? 

It is essential to ask if these providers specialize in specific services like mobile maintenance or DOT inspections. Trucking companies in the Twin Cities, MN need to be MDOT compliant, and truck services providers should understand the necessity of ongoing compliance & regulation within the industry. 


The essential factor is prior experience in fleet repair. Inexperienced providers may cause delays and errors, which may cost more in the long term. Remember that you are in a mobility business; each moment counts.

Experienced mechanics have probably dealt with your repair issues several times; this often ensures a timely and reliable fix. Find a service provider who has been in the trucking industry and knows how a transportation company works. This level of investment within the field often leads to a partner that will be there for you over the long term. 

Pricing and Value

Our company understands the need for effective pricing and value. We pay close attention to our customers and the transportation industry as a whole.

How do you determine value when you think about care for your commercial fleet?

  • Urgency?
  • Distance?
  • Turnaround times?
  • Pricing?

When you look at the costs associated with truck repair services, you may think about going with a more cost-effective mechanic. While thinking about your transportation company budget over the long-term is a good idea, it is necessary to factor in quality for truck repairs.

Remember that it is better to have peace of mind when it comes to your fleet. 

Our team at Cornerstone Mobile Service is here to ensure that new drivers and tenured drivers at your firm have the proper care for their vehicles.

If you are looking for the right partner to care for your fleet, reach out to Cornerstone Mobile Service today.

We can help you with compliance, Minnesota DOT inspections, repairs, service, and ongoing fleet maintenance so you can operate a reliable trucking company that will help grow your business.

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