It is a great year when your fleet experiences limited downtime. Your operations run more smoothly when you have a system that accounts for mobile fleet services, on-site fuel delivery, truck repair, and more.

It is a great year when your fleet experiences limited downtime. Your operations run more smoothly when you have a system that accounts for mobile fleet services, on-site fuel delivery, truck repair, and more.

Yes, outsourcing your fleet maintenance can have a lot of benefits for your business. The right mechanic will help diagnose and fix issues, give an honest assessment and replace faulty parts with genuine alternatives. 

Finding the right maintenance provider can seem like a significant task. The following tips will help you select the right mechanic in record time.

If you are looking for a company that has mobile fleet maintenance and repair service experience, our team is here for you. At Cornerstone Mobile Service, we offer everything from mobile fleet maintenance to repair services so that your operation can continue to move forward without issues.

We understand that mobile fleet services are critical to your operation and take our role seriously. Our team focuses on keeping your mobile fleet up to par with our mobile services so your operation continues to bring in the right portion of revenues for your business.

We know that you look forward to fleet revenue growth and need to account for routine maintenance and truck repairs.

What is a Fleet Mechanic?

To understand that, we need to state that a fleet is a collection of commercial vehicles that may range from heavy-duty trucks or similar types of commercial vehicles. These companies may use the fleet to transport goods or provide various other services.

Whatever the case may be, it is certain that the best repair service is necessary to ensure that your fleet operates effectively & to minimize unexpected downtime.

A fleet mechanic steps into the picture and provides the highest quality maintenance for commercial fleets. The right mechanic can have mobile providers, may go on long-distance service trips, and streamline commercial vehicle care.

This mechanic will conduct safety inspections, perform routine repairs, optimize performance and help to minimize unscheduled downtime.

Our mobile fleet service is essentially a rolling garage with highly skilled technicians that can conduct multipoint inspections, account for your maintenance needs, and maximize uptime.

Here are a few ways to choose the mobile fleet mechanic to conduct effective maintenance and repair.


You need a mechanic who has enough experience dealing with the kinds of vehicles in your fleet. If your fleet contains both light and heavy-duty vehicles, you should hire a service to handle both types. Experienced mechanics can detect and resolve issues before they result in major problems.


Anyone can open a mechanic shop and make bids for maintenance contracts. Before you agree, discuss your needs, ask for credentials. While certification isn't always necessary, a maintenance service with trained and certified mechanics is better equipped to handle your fleet. 

Record on the field

A service producer should have a good track record, and they should provide quality service consistently. In most cases, consistent quality is a product of a well-thought-out and standardized maintenance process. 

Discuss with the providers in consideration to find out their maintenance process. Without a standardized process, there will be differences in time, cost, and quality of tasks carried out by the mechanic.

Hours of Operation

You need to decide when your fleet can obtain maintenance then check if the service provider operates at that time. Some service providers may even offer to make exceptions if your schedule doesn't match theirs.


Your maintenance service provider should be easily accessible. This depends on the nature of your business and how your drivers operate. If your drivers take the vehicles home, you should use a mechanic with shops in strategic areas for easy accessibility.

Long term partnership

Think of hiring a fleet maintenance service as making a new business partner. The right service can help you increase your fleet's efficiency and longevity, thereby minimizing loss and maximizing profit. The wrong one can create wide-reaching damage that negatively impacts your business. 

Before you hire a provider, think of the mechanic's values and work ethics. Ensure that your values and long-term goals align with that of the provider.

Delivery speed and price

Time is money. You lose money when your vehicles are not working. That is why you should know how often maintenance services are required and the cost and duration of each maintenance. You should also consider how pricing fits within your budget. Choosing the mechanic with the lowest price is tempting but might be a mistake. Instead, aim for premium service at competitive pricing. 

Clear communication

You need someone that will listen to your needs. The person should also be able to explain the issues in simple terms and make recommendations. If your mechanic doesn't understand you or your business goals, he will not be able to meet your needs. 

Working condition

While a mechanic shop can't always be clean, a messy and cluttered shop may be a red flag. Even if it is a mobile shop, it needs to have some sense of professionalism. 

Maintenance advice

A good mechanic wants to help you limit the number of repairs you make. He will offer proactive advice on maintaining your vehicles and fixing issues as they arise. You don't want a mechanic that only discovers problems when they have become significant issues.

Work with Cornerstone Mobile Service For Your Repair Services

Managing your fleet is just as important as any other aspect of your business, and that is why you should focus on hiring the right mechanic. The three most important things to look out for are our expertise, credentials, and record in the field. If your fleet isn't working, your business isn't working.

Reach out to our team at Cornerstone Mobile for a professional fleet service near you.